What is a volleyball spike trainer

What is a volleyball spike trainer

Imagine consistently hitting the ideal volleyball set. The volleyball spike trainer gives you exactly that. Install it to the ceiling joist in your basement or garage, set the lower mounting brackets to the players’ preferred hitting height for volleyball, and start practicing. You can perform regular hitting drills and training in the comfort of your own home with the volleyball spike trainer.

What is a volleyball spiking training device?

A ball holder and a potential net are included in a volleyball spike trainer. The training holder consists of a wheeled chassis holding an upward-projecting vertical stanchion that holds a hopper & a ball feeding mechanism. The stanchion has a crank system that allows telescoped stanchion parts to be adjusted vertically. The hopper releases balls that fall out of the hopper and moves downward by gravity along a slanted ramp to a discharge throat.

An indexing Z-shaped lever that sequentially separates the balls as they descend the ramp. Dropping balls are caught and momentarily held by a pair of downwardly extending hands, one fixed & one pivoting. When the device is loaded, the pivoting hand operates the indexing lever to block a series of balls. Another ball is automatically released by the indexing lever to drop into a firing position between the feed hands after a ball is shot & removed therefrom.


Volleyball may be a fantastic exercise regardless of whether you play outdoors, indoors, or on a beach. Because it can be played with one partner or a team, it’s also a fantastic method to stay active socially. Get in the game with a volleyball spike trainer.

  1. Burns calories & fat: Calorie burning is one of volleyball’s main advantages, and it’s a crucial part of any program for weight loss or maintenance. Depending on one’s weight, playing non-competition, non-beach volleyball for 30 minutes can result in a calorie burn of between 90 to 133, whereas playing competitive volleyball in a gym can result in a calorie burn of between 120 to 178. Up to 480 cal can be burned playing volleyball for an hour on the sand, which is far less stable than concrete.
  2. Tones & shapes your body: Playing volleyball with a volleyball spike trainer will help you get in shape by strengthening your upper body, shoulders, and arms as well as your lower body muscles. Additionally, playing volleyball helps the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
  3. Speeds up metabolism: Volleyball increases your overall effectiveness in other sports & workouts by increasing your energy level.
  4. Makes hand-eye coordination better: In volleyball, hand-eye coordination is crucial. You must keep your eyes on the ball when you serve to hit it at the proper point. When playing defense, you must anticipate where the ball will go and position yourself to make a play. Your hand-eye coordination will assist you in seeing where your hitters are while setting so that you can give them a nice set.
  5. Builds agility, speed, coordination, and balance: Volleyball puts a lot of demands on a player’s technical and physical ability because of its fast changes in pace and direction. Players must serve, set, pass, attack, block & dig the ball during the game. To be played effectively, these talents need to be fast, agile, strong in the upper and lower body, and flexible.
  6. Healthy heart: Your overall health will improve by increasing your heart rate since it will cause your body to circulate more blood & nutrients. In order to keep your heart healthy, get a volleyball spike trainer and start playing volleyball right away.
  7. Increases muscular strength: Nearly every play in volleyball requires strong chest & core muscles. You must produce power with your legs when passing since you simulate a squat. You need to use your arms, legs, and hands during setting, especially your thighs. You must load your arms and legs before pushing up when the volleyball is approaching you. To avoid injuries, you must have powerful hands.
  8. Improves lung capacity: A study found that 20 minutes of easy, leisurely volleyball is equivalent to one mile of jogging in terms of energy expenditure. Playing a tough 12-minute match of volleyball requires the same energy as walking a mile. To stay fit, start playing football today with a volleyball spike trainer.
  9. Enhances communication skills: Teamwork and quick thinking are essential components of volleyball. According to the research on adult men who regularly participate in team sports, team members developed greater networking abilities than men who participated in fewer team sports. Skills in cooperation and leadership teach us important lessons that benefit other areas of our lives.
  10. Makes you happier and more motivated to succeed: Your participation in volleyball can elevate your mood, lessen your stress, and boost your sense of success as a team member. Additionally, participating in the activity might boost your self-worth, body image, and general happiness. Participating in volleyball can increase your drive and capacity for success. Your collaborative efforts as a team player determine the group’s success or failure. During practice and the game, team members support and encourage one another, giving everyone the courage to keep working on mastering & perfecting the skills required to win.


You’ll give athletes more chances to excel in their training & develop their skills by incorporating a volleyball spike trainer into any program or exercise. You can make use of the advantages of using straightforward yet powerful equipment, such as volleyball training aids, by presenting athletes with challenges, programs, or props.

Are you looking for the best volleyball spike trainer? Catolox is the right stop for you. The volleyball spike trainer, which is made for use in both indoor & outdoor playing conditions, will give you and your children years of use and a reliable training environment for enhancing volleyball technique and reaching desired outcomes. Give us a call at +1 651 354 4844 to know more about us. You can also mail us at support@catolox.com

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