Shopping online is the new norm in the post-COVID era: Find out why!

The internet has changed the way people live their lives, including purchasing. As technology permeates every part of our life, it’s no surprise that shopping has gone fully online with online shopping free shipping. And over 2.14 billion individuals are anticipated to shop online by 2023. This is a 62% increase over the 1.32 billion worldwide digital purchasers in 2014.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, everyone has been encouraged to be extra cautious, exercise appropriate hygiene, & implement social distance. People will need to buy groceries, medications, supplies, & other stuff because the epidemic has been carrying on for months. Getting out to physically buy in stores, on the other hand, is extremely difficult if you’re trying to avoid public exposure in order to keep yourself & your family virus-free & healthy. However, shopping has been made easier by an online store with free shipping.

How Has COVID Affected Online Shopping?

Much of the globe fell under lockdown in March 2020, causing many companies to temporarily close. Countries are steadily loosening their prohibitions, but the future remains uncertain. Even reopened companies have limitations mandating social separation, mask-wearing, & limitations on how many consumers may access an area at one time.

People are more tempted to purchase online when traditional shopping gets challenging or even frightening. The fact that customers were already embracing an online store with free shipping. made the shift much easier.

Online revenue climbed 44 percent in 2020 & 39 percent in the 2021 year over year. This tendency is quite likely to continue in the post-quarantine era. Even when retail establishments reopen fully, the benefits of internet purchasing will remain. All of this speaks to why now is an excellent time to begin or expand your e-commerce activities.

COVID-19 Ecommerce Trends  

During the COVID crisis, the digital economy exploded. People went to online shopping free shipping more than ever before as they embraced social alienation. Because of COVID-19, 67 percent of consumers say they purchase differently now.

Retailers rose to the occasion, not just by encouraging more online purchases but also by adopting developing technology that enabled them to engage with customers and improve their customer experience.

1. New Product Categories on the Rise

The 2nd week of March 2020 saw an increase in grocery buying. According to one researcher, the supermarket e-commerce environment has advanced by three to five years in a couple of months. Furthermore, the analyst offered the following information:

  • During the peak of the epidemic, 20-30% of commerce shifted online by the end of 2020& online grocery penetration had steadied at 9-12%.

Many online stores with free shipping extended their operations in 2021 as a result of the broad expansion of product categories that shoppers are likely to purchase from online merchants.

Sales of home items & exercise equipment increased as well. Recreational goods spending surged by 18% as a result of increased spending on residential gym equipment, while the furnishings & domestic equipment sector increased by 5.7 percent.

Will these tendencies continue as we move towards the “new normal”?

While supermarket e-commerce penetration is predicted to increase to 14-18% in the next 3-5 years, other experts believe home goods & fitness expenditure will slow.

2. Lower Loyalty 

Consumer loyalty to traditional brands has waned for a variety of reasons. According to online shopping free shipping, by mid-2021, more than 80% of customers would have purchased a different brand than normal – a pattern that began early in the epidemic. Today’s justifications revolve mostly around cheaper costs (65%) & out-of-stock merchandise (51-percent).

3. Cashless payment.

It is unrealistic to expect internet purchases to replace every solitary in-person purchase. As a result, significant advances in various cashless payment solutions were made throughout the epidemic.

According to eMarketer, the number of consumers who utilized proximity digital money in 2020 increased by 22.2 percent year on year.

4. COVID-friendly Fulfillment

While some customers used online shopping free shipping, others took advantage of new or extended pick-up or distribution channels from their local physical establishments.

Third-party delivery firms teamed with grocery shops to expedite delivery services, & food delivery businesses began to include grocery delivery as well.

And curbside pick, both from restaurants & brick-and-mortar retailers, has gained traction as a contact-free alternative for customers to pick up their goods on their own time.

5. Social Media Shopping

Several social networking networks capitalized on increased online retail demand by introducing more commerce capabilities, allowing customers of participating online shops to explore & purchase things without ever leaving the site. These platforms are often tightly connected with eCommerce systems, allowing eCommerce operators to effortlessly market their items in different locations.


The globe is having a very horrible year. While the globe is still in the grip of a pandemic, you should minimize your contact with the outside world as much as possible & buy items online to exercise social distance.

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