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Portable Mini Humidifier

25 Reviews
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  • This is the perfect humidifier! Very quiet and compact, and I love the different settings. It is definitely helpful that it can be used plugged in, or unplugged (if charged). It doesn’t last a long time unplugged, but a few hours of cord free mist is all I need. My plants love it, I will definitely be buying another in the future.

    T***i on Sep 06, 2022

  • It is such a perfect size. I don't have a ton of space but this little humidifier is just the right size. I love that after it's charged, it can be cordless and moved to any part of the house I'd like. But the best part is the changing color lights! If I could give this humidifier 10 stars, I would.

    B****e on Dec 21, 2022

  • Our air seems dry especially when we run the ac. My nose and throat seemed to dry up overnight and it hurts sometimes. So I got this to balance it out. It thickens up the air a bit and helps with dryness. It sends a nice cool mist!

    V****a on Aug 14, 2022

  • Got this because my nose gets very stuffy at night. I live in NY and with our cold winters my skin and nose suffer each night from the dry air. This has helped so much. So easy to use and very quiet.

    C*****n on Nov 01, 2022

  • I never thought I could be excited about a humidifier, but I can't believe how awesome this little machine is! I bought it mostly for all my plants, but also hoping it will help with my dry nose.

    A****a on Nov 25, 2022

  • Unsure how effective it is for me, I bought it to help with dry cough during the night but it has not yet. I’m going to try a few different locations in the room.

    E**a on Aug 14, 2022

  • Though this is a handy and portable humidifier (which was the reason I bought it), the filter doesn’t last long and it just stops spraying.

    E**a on Aug 05, 2022

  • This little humidifier works great. It also holds a lot more water than I thought it would. It doesn't leak at all, which is good.

    E*******e on Oct 16, 2022

  • This was perfect for my nightstand in my college apartment. I can travel back and forth with it when I go home.

    K****y on Jul 30, 2022

  • Everything works, love the colors. It arrived in perfect condition😍🙌. Can't wait to put in my work station 😁

    C*****a on Oct 26, 2022

  • I have had this for about a week and I love it. It has a good spray and makes absolutely no noise.

    K*****a on Sep 17, 2022

  • LOVE this! This is very compact and portable and also easy to fill up and wash! Very convenient.

    H***y on Nov 23, 2022

  • I love that this humidifier is small and doesn't take up a lot of room. I use it every night and love it.

    E***y on Dec 14, 2022

  • Really happy I bought it for my desk at the office. The air here is really dry and it worked great.

    M****e on Jul 12, 2022

  • Very quiet, easy to use, portable,does exactly as described even in a big room.

    H*******a on Sep 21, 2022

  • Works perfectly, it’s nice to add a little humidity while sleeping

    N*****e on Sep 08, 2022

  • I really thought this would be larger according to the photos.

    C***a on Aug 04, 2022

  • This is great for office use perhaps, but not great for plants.

    B****e on Oct 27, 2022

  • Love - it’s small, easy to clean (important), quiet, and cute!

    P***y on Nov 18, 2022

  • I love the size of this humidifier. It’s sleek and stylish.

    C*****e on Nov 03, 2022

  • I cannot figure out how to make it heat the water

    M****e on Aug 17, 2022

  • It's a nice product that helps my plants grow.

    B******y on Dec 08, 2022

  • I just wish the cord it came with was longer.

    B****a on Aug 03, 2022

  • It didn’t give me enough humidity pressure.

    M*****e on Nov 12, 2022

  • It is perfect for a desk at the office.

    E**a on Nov 15, 2022

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