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'Merlot' Adjustable Dog Harness

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  • This is a beautiful harness.

    J***n on Nov 18, 2022

  • Beautifully made

    A***a on Nov 08, 2022

  • This is a nice harness.

    N***l on Aug 23, 2022

  • Nice material,very comfortable,my dog loves it!

    H***d on Aug 29, 2022

  • Fast delivery. Exactly as described.

    F***a on Oct 06, 2022

  • I've bought a lot of dog harnesses over the years. This is my new favorite.

    N***e on Jul 23, 2022

  • It’s a bit hard to clean, but really, I don’t have any more complaints. Definitely do recommend.

    T***y on Jul 10, 2022

  • We love this harness! It's the third one we've tried for our new pup, Disco.

    E***a on Dec 15, 2022

  • Absolutely love the style, fit, security, and light but strong material the harnesses are made of.

    S***n on Dec 13, 2022

  • Finally, I finally found one that fits. Plus this is the best one I've tried. It's made very well, it's comfortable for my Chi, and he gets excited to put it on.

    D***d on Jul 16, 2022

  • These harnesses are light but not flimsy and they are super comfortable for our dogs to wear.

    C***e on Dec 11, 2022

  • My one year old Shih Tzu could escape every harness I put on him until this one. I highly recommend it

    P***a on Aug 13, 2022

  • Although I made the mistake of purchasing a harness a bit too small, it is a nice product.

    J***k on Dec 23, 2022

  • This harness works pretty well on my dog (who resists other types of harnesses). Easy to get on and take off.

    M***t on Nov 15, 2022

  • Perfect!! our little guy is 2.25lbs. I was looking for something he couldn't back out of and escape. And this one works great

    A***n on Sep 28, 2022

  • Easy to put on. SOOOO easy to put on. Comfortable for the pup. We have a 14 pound Westie mix. Doesn't interfere with his walking and running. The leash doesn't get tangled up. Excellent product and well worth the price which was quite reasonable.

    M***l on Sep 03, 2022

  • My Jack Russel is a hyper little escape artist!! I have tried so many harnesses and he always finds a way out! It’s been very frustrating. Until now! This harness is amazing!!!!!! He can’t back out of it and he is very comfortable. It’s tight enough that it's comfortable for him but also snug enough that he can’t get out. Plus, it’s super cute on him. Very happy customer. Wish I had found this harness years ago!!!

    R***d on Jul 09, 2022

  • This is the right harness for my 4 month old pug. The buckle is on top interlaced with the strap, so there is no worries about the buckle coming off when my dog tugs or pulls during walks. I had a harness with tiny buckles on both sides of my pup's chest, but the buckle often came loose during brief walks and I was afraid my pup might run off. The material is soft and flexible too. I'm not sure if it's water-proof though. Anyway, I'm not worried about the harness coming off my pup and got to enjoy the walking.

    I***a on Jul 25, 2022

  • Love this harness! At least I think my dog does ... I will definitely be buying this again when he grows out of his large, if he does. Frenchies have sensitive backs!! For anyone who has a frenchie, dachshund, or other breed prone to back problems, this would be a great harness for them! And it is NOT recommended to walk dogs like this on collars! So get them a harness, preferably this one! Their backs will thank you for it :)

    W***m on Sep 08, 2022

  • Third time purchasing this harness. Originally I was looking for something on the cheaper side because my pup is growing quickly and I knew it wouldn't be used long, but needed it to help with leash training. I didn't expect much but I've been pretty pleased. Definitely helps control my energetic APBT while on her leash, hasn't started to rip or come apart anywhere and looks great on her. She doesn't seem to mind it, and would have no problem letting you know if she did lol, so I assume it's comfortable for her too. Good product at a good price, recommended.

    A***a on Oct 26, 2022

  • I am a dog trainer with a 12-week old Norwich Terrier. Small yes, but being a terrier, quite chesty. Being a dog trainer myself, I do not use vests to walk or train my dog. However, my little guy needed a vest to wear in his car seat that has two restraint straps. I can't speak highly enough about the quality and fit of these vests. So much so I ordered two more in larger sizes as he grew. SO many compliments on this stylish vest, people ask where I got it from, and I'm proud to tell them. It is SO well made, and easy to use, my little guy just lifts each foot on his own to step into it. What could be better? Best vest out there in my opinion.

    B***t on Aug 23, 2022

  • I've shopped so many different breed specific websites trying to find the perfect comfort-harnesses for my mid-sized dachshunds. They are bigger than miniatures but smaller than standards. The thing about dachshunds is their chest is larger than the typical small breed, and it is so important to protect their backs from injury. This harness looks EXACTLY like the ones sold on dachshund specific websites, but for nearly 1/3 the price. I get lots of compliments for how cute they look and the fit is perfect. Not a single rash or chafing on either of my pups, even after miles long hikes. My little girl pup has sensitive skin with some dilute alopecia in her armpits (hairless patches), and she has never shown any signs of irritation from this harness. It fits loosely enough to wear over a sweater in the winter while still being breathable in the summer, but still snug and secure - no wiggle room to escape.

    V***a on Sep 01, 2022

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